Bernat Hereu

Bernat Hereu Fina is the junior coordinator of the group and a lecturer at the University of Barcelona’s Department of Ecology. He began his scientific career with biological monitoring of the Medes Islands Protected Area, which allowed him to develop his thesis on trophic interactions among fish, urchins and algae. Before rejoining the University of Barcelona, he undertook postdoctoral stages at the Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France) and at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (USA), where he further developed his studies on the ecology of algae communities. His current research focuses on two central issues: the study of the dynamics and functioning of algae communities from a conservationist point of view, and the efficiency of marine reserves for the recovery of fish populations and their exploitation. In this research he uses visual, marking and telemetry techniques.

Selected publications:

  • Ling, S. D., Scheibling RE, Rassweiler A, Johnson CR, Shears N, Connell SD, Salomon A, Norderhaug KM, Perez-Matus A, Hernandez JC, Clemente S, Blamey L, Hereu B, Ballesteros E, Sala E, Garrabou J, Cebrian E, Zabala M, Fujita D, Johnson LE (In Press). Global regime-shift dynamics of catastrophic sea urchin overgrazing. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society of London B.

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  • Cardona, L.; Moranta, J.; Reñones, O.; Hereu, B. (2013).  Pulses of phytoplanktonic productivity may enhance sea urchin abundance and induce state shifts in Mediterranean rocky reefs. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 133,  88-96.

  • Pages, J.; Bartumeus, F.; Hereu, B.; Lopez-Sanz, A.; Romero, J.; Alcoverro, T. (2013).  Evaluating a key herbivorous fish as a mobile link: a Brownian bridge approach. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 492,  199-210.

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  • Hereu, B.; Quintana, X. (2012).  El fons marí de les illes Medes i el Montgrí: quatre dècades de recerca per a la conservació. .  Càtedra d'ecosistemes litorals mediterranis. Museu de la Mediterrània. ISBN: 2013-5939.

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  • Navarro, L.; Ballesteros, E.; Linares, C.; Hereu, B. (2011).  Spatial and temporal variability on deep-water assemblages of Cystoseira zosteroides C. Agardh (Fucales, Ochrophyta) in the Northwestern Mediterranean and the effects of an exceptional storm. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 95,  52-58.

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  • Hereu, B., Diaz, D., Pasqual, J., Zabala, M., Sala, E. (2006) Temporal predictability of spawning of the dusky grouper, Epinephelus marginatus, in relation to environmental factors. Marine Ecology Progress Series 325: 187-194

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