Carolina Crisci

Carolina Crisci is assistant lecturer at the Laboratory of Probability and Statistics, Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Engineering, University of the Republic, Uruguay. From 2007 to 2009 she received a scholarship from the Alban Foundation to work on her doctoral thesis at the DIMAR research unit of the Centre d’Océanologie de Marseille (France). Her main research theme is the analysis of the temperature conditions that are related to the mortality observed in the NW Mediterranean. Statistical tools for automatic learning are used in these analyses. The results will enable the development of predictive models of future mass mortality events in the context of present climate change.

Directors: J. Garrabou and B. Ghattas

Selected publications:

  • Bensoussan, N., Romano, J.-C., Harmelin, J.-G., Crisci, C., Pascual, J., Garrabou, J. (2009) Warming trends, regional fingerprints and future trajectories of NW Mediterranean coastal waters. 1st symposium on mediterranean coralligenous, Tabarka. Tunisie


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