Edgar Casas-Güell

Edgar Casas-Güell had been involved in local marine projects in the catalan coast related with littoral management and environmental education. Concretely, the tasks he performed as an aerial observer from an airplane at Infinit Airl S.L. were collect and provide data of biological phenomenons (jellyfish and phytoplankton blooms) and monitoring impacts on coastal waters (oil spills, plastic debris acumulations and break ups of underwater emissaries). This work was combined with schoolchildren environmental education in the Marine Center of Sitges (Barcelona). In 2009 he was involved as a scientific technician in a project related with the EC Water Framework Directive (WFD 2000/60/EC) using biological indicators (macroinvetebrates and algae) as proxies of the sea water quality in the Balearic Islands at the CEAB-CSIC.

Later, in October 2010 he started his scientific career with a Predoctoral Research Grant (FPI) linked to the Spanish National Project Biorock (CTM2009–08045) at the ICM-CSIC. The main objective of his PhD. Thesis is to study the taxonomic diversity patterns in space (hundreds of kilometers) and time (decades) of coralligenous communities in the NW Mediterranean Sea to better understand their structure and dynamics under the effects of global change. During this period of time he has been learning taxonomy of macrobenthic species (mainly sponges, corals, briozoans, polychaetes and tunicates) based on image analysis, he has estimated abundance patterns using specialized image software, as well as has applied multivariate methods and statistical analyses of ecological data including biodiversity at a range of spatial and temporal scales. Furthermore, he has been actively enrolled in several field-based scuba sampling surveys in several Marine Protected Areas in the NW-Mediterranean (Columbretes, Illes Medes, Cap de Creus) performing several tasks (visual and photographic census, replacement of thermometers, algal counting) and has participated as assistant professor on a scientific scuba diving course organized by the University of Barcelona. Actually, he is obtaining and analyzing more biodiversity data and writing the main findings of his research: the specific community composition and abundance patterns of coralligeneous communities presented a high variability in space at several scales (area, local and regional) which contrast with the robust constancy over one decade of time. This base-line data are already allowing us to detect changes in these precious and valuable communities as a consequence of several disturbances that are already affecting them (e.g. severe storms and mortalities of foundation species).

Selected publications:

  • Teixidó N, Casas E, Cebrián E, Linares C, Garrabou J (2013) Impacts on coralligenous outcrop biodiversity of a dramatic coastal storm. PLoS ONE 10.1371/journal.pone.0053742
  • Kipson, S., Fourt, M., Teixidó, N., Cebrian, E., Casas, E., Ballesteros, E., Zabala, M., Garrabou, J. (2011) Rapid biodiversity assessment and monitoring method for highly diverse benthic communities: a case study of Mediterranean coralligenous outcrops. PLoS One 6(11): e27103 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0027103

Latest presentations:

  • Garrabou, J. ; Arizmendi, R. ; Ballesteros, E. ; Bally, M. ; Bensoussan, N. ; Casas, E. ; Cebrian, E. ; Crisci, C. ; Hereu, B. ; Kersting, D.K. ; Kipson, S. ; Ledoux, J.B. ; La Rivière, M. ; Linares, C. ; Romano, J.C. ; Sala, E. ; Teixidó, N. ; Zabala, M. Garrabou, J, Arizmendi, R., Ballesteros, E., Bally, M., Bensousan, N., Casas, E., Cebrian, E., Crisci, C., Hereu, B., Kersting, DK., Kipson, S., Ledoux, JB., La Rivière, M., Linares, C., Romano, JC., Sala, E., Teixidó, N., Zabala, M. (2012). Assesing conservation status of mediterranean rocky benthic communities dominated by long-lived species: insights on effective conservation and managements plans. Forum Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas. Antalya, Turkey. (poster)
  • Casas-Güell, E., Teixidó, N., Cebrián, E., Garrabou, J. (2012). Community structure and biodiversity patterns in coralligenous communities over spatial and temporal scales. I Congrés Internacional de Biologia de Catalunya (I CIBICAT): Global Questions on Advanced Biology. Barcelona. (poster)
  • Ballesteros, E. ; L. Navarro, L. ; Linares, C. ; Cebrian, E. ; Teixidó, N. ; Kersting, D.K. ; Casas, E. ; Cefalí, M. ; Puigmartí, M. ; Hereu, B. (2012). Variabilidad espacial y dinámica de las poblaciones profundas de Cystoseira zosteroides en el Mediterráneo noroccidental. SXVII Simposio Ibérico de Estudios en Biología Marina. (poster)
  • Ballesteros, E.; L. Navarro, L.; Linares, C.; Cebrián, E.; Teixidó, N.; Kersting, D.K.; Casas, E.; Cefalí, M.; Puigmartí, M.; Hereu, B. (2012) Variabilidad espacial y dinámica de las poblaciones profundas de Cystoseira zosteroides en el Mediterráneo noroccidental. SXVII Simposio Ibérico de Estudios en Biología Marina, San Sebastián, Spain. (poster)
  • Linares, C., Garrabou, J., Bally, M., Bensoussan, N., Casas, E., Cebrian, E., Crisci, C., Hereu, B., Kipson, S., Kersting, D., La Rivière, M., Ledoux, J.B., Teixidó, N. (2011). Climate-induced mortalities on Mediterranean benthic communities: lessons learned and future research. World Conference on Marine Biodiversity. Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. (oral)
  • Teixidó, N., Casas-Güell, E., Cebrián, E., Garrabou, J., Harmelin, J. G., Kipson, S., Linares, C. (2011). Integrating life-history traits and biodiversity patterns of coralligenous communities in the NW Mediterranean Sea. World Conference on Marine Biodiversity. Aberdeen, UK. (oral)
  • Díaz, M., Vich, M.A., Terrades, M., Casas, E., Cefali, M.E, Martínez, B. (2009) Estado ecológico de las masas de agua de las Islas Baleares utilizando la macrofauna y las macroalgas como a bioindicadores. Ponències I Jornada científico-tècnica Directiva Marc de l'Aigua. Palma de Mallorca, Spain. (oral)


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