Joandomenec Ros

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Joandomènec Ros is full professor of Ecology at the University of Barcelona; he has done research in several fields of marine ecology: biology and ecology of benthic organisms (mainly opisthobranch molluscs) and the communities they form, but has worked also in aspects of general and applied ecology, pollution, and biodiversity conservation. For years he directed the consolidated research group in “Ecology of marine zoobenthos” of the UB and the ecological monitoring of the marine protected area of Medes Islands, as well as the program of Marine Sciences of the University of the Mediterranean (European project MEDCAMPUS), and he coordinated the UNESCO chair on Environment and Sustainable Development of the UB. At present he chairs the Council for the Protection of the Nature and the Institute of Catalan Studies. He is an active popularizer of the science of ecology and the sciences in general, and has translated more than a score of books on ecology, marine biology, evolutionary biology and history of science.


Selected publications:

  • PRIMACK, R. B. & ROS, J. D. 2002. Introducción a la biología de la conservación. Ariel. Barcelona. 375 pages
  • MARÍN, A. & ROS, J. D. 2003. Chemical defenses in Sacoglossan Opisthobranchs: Taxonomic trends and evolutionary implications. In: Biological Oceanography at the Turn of the Millenium (J. D. Ros, T. T. Packard, J. M. Gili, J. L. Pretus & D. Blasco, eds.). Sci. Mar., 67(Suppl. 3):227-241
  • ROS, J. D. 2004. The state of health of the Mediterranean Sea: Study cases and considerations from the ecological point of view. In: The Mediterranean Sea: An overview of its present state and plans for future protection (C. Rodríguez-Prieto & G. Pardini, eds.):13-39. Universitat de Girona. Institut de Medi Ambient. Girona.
  • ROS, J. D. 2008. To be or Not to be (Seen); that is the Question. Crypsis, Aposematism and Mimicry in an Ecological and Evolutionary Context. In: Unity in Diversity. Reflections on Ecology after the Legacy of Ramon Margalef (F. Valladares, A. Camacho, A. Elosegi, C. Gracia, M. Estrada, J. C. Senar & J. M. Gili, eds.):291-313. Fundación BBVA. Bilbao. Rubes. Barcelona
  • ROS, J. D. 2009. El mar i les costes catalanes ja noten l’efecte del canvi climàtic. In: Aigua i canvi climàtic. Diagnosi dels impactes previstos a Catalunya (N. Prat. & A. Munné, eds.):259-277. Agència Catalana de l’Aigua – Fundació Nova Cultura de l'Aigua. Departament de Medi Ambient i Habitatge. Generalitat de Catalunya. Barcelona.
  • ROS, J. D. 2011. Biodiversity: Origin, function and threats. Contributions to Science, 7(1):37-44
  • ROS, J. D. & TERRADAS, J. 2012. La recerca en ecologia a Catalunya, avui. In: La biologia d’ahir i d’avui. Reflexions amb motiu del centenari de la Societat Catalana de Biologia (Francesc Piferrer, ed.). Treballs de la SCB,  63: 247-262
  • ROS, J. D. & GILI, J. M. 2012. Quatre dècades de recerca a les illes Medes. In: El fons marí de les illes Medes i el Montgrí. Quatre dècades de recerca per a la conservació (B. Hereu & X. Quintana, eds.):15-34. Recerca i territori, 4. Càtedra d'ecosistemes litorals mediterranis
  • MARTÍNEZ-MUÑOZ, M. A., FERNÁNDEZ, F., ARREGUÍN-SÁNCHEZ, F., ROS J. D., RAMÍREZ-MURILLO, R., SOLÍS-BENITES, M. A.  & LLORIS, D. 2013. Patterns of distribution, temporal fluctuations and some population parameters of four species of flatfish (Pleuronectidae) off the western coast of Baja California. Lat. Am. J. Aquat. Res., 41(5):861-876.


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