Anabel Muñoz

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Anabel Muñoz graduated in Biology by University of Balearic Islands in 2011, when she started her scientific career in the Centre Oceanogràfic de Balears (COB-IEO), where she developed her Master in Marine Ecology. She has been envolved in many research projects of RESMARE group (ERICOL, LANBAL and SCYTRACK) related to ecology and conservation of large decapods in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas. In 2014 she was employed in the European project ECOSAFIMED (ICM-CSIC) developing artisanal fishing tasks and experiments to minimize the impact over sensible benthic communities. In late 2015, she got a fellowship from the Balearic Government and she started in February 2016 her PhD at the IEO on the “Population ecology of European spiny lobster Palinurus elephas in the Balearic Islands and forecasting management measures”.


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