Maria Montseny

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Maria Montseny is a PhD student at the Institut de Ciències del Mar. Her PhD project aims to analyse the viability of conservation in depth marine areas by innovative techniques in the study of the continental shelf and slope. To achieve this, she concentrates her study on three mains objectives: (1) Study of temporal changes in the abundance and demographic structure of the key species populations of the benthic communities. (2) Monitoring the ecological restoration experiments with gorgonians transplants at continental shelf of Cap de Creus. (3) Study the role of cold water corals and gorgonians populations as “nurseries”. Her research is supported by a FPU scholarship granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport under the direction of Dr. Josep-Maria Gili (ICM-CSIC) and Dr. Andrea Gori (UB).
She’s graduated in Environmental Biology at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona (July 2013). She also studied a master degree in Oceanography and Management of Marine Environment at the Universitat de Barcelona (September 2015). Her master project was framed in the project ShelfReCover, specifically conducting feeding experiments with gorgonians in the aquariums of the Institut de Ciències del Mar of Barcelona.


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