Daniel Gomez Gras

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Daniel is a PhD student at the Institut de Ciències del Mar and University of Barcelona. His PhD Project aims to shed light on the response of the coralligenous assemblages to climate change, improving our capacity to predict the future trajectories of this habitat in the NW Mediterranean Sea. To achieve these goals, his work focuses on three main aspects 1) Conducting thermotolerance experiments on representative species of the coralligenous community, 2) Studying its capability to recover against different impacts, and 3) Analysing the linkages between functional and demographic traits of these species, and their vulnerability to different perturbations. Taken together, this information will help to improve the management and conservation strategies for the coralligenousy.

His research is supported by a FPU scholarship granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, and and advised by Dr. Joaquim Garrabou  (ICM-CSIC) and Dra Cristina Linares (UB).

Daniel is graduated in Biology at Universidad Complutense de  Madrid (July 2014), with a Master degree in Microbiology and Parasitology; Research and Development obtained in the same university (July 2015). In addition, thanks to a JAE-Intro fellowship, he participated in a project at IMEDEA institute, located in Balearic Islands, where he evaluated the response of seagrass meadows to global warming and ocean acidification. Eventually,  he also worked on conducting and supervising recreational diving activities in Mabul Island, (Malaysia), where he played an active role in  raising awareness in local communities on coral reef conservation.