Jana Verdura

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Jana Verdura Brugarola is a PhD student at the Department of Environmental Science of the University of Girona. Her thesis project, supervised by Dr. Emma Cebrian (UdG) and Dr. Enric Ballesteros (CEAB-CSIC), is focused on the conservation and the restoration of the threatened species populations of Cystoseria’s genus, the main structural species dominating the infralitoral and ciraclitoral rocky bottoms of the Mediterranean Sea. By gathering information on the distribution of these populations, their conservational status, the population dynamics and the optimal parameters for the correct development, Jana hopes to get a step closer to developing new restoration methodologies that ensure the conservation of these marine forests. This thesis is granted by the IFUdG fellowship program from the University of Girona and envolved withinbthe MERCES European project. At the beginning of her career, Jana took part in the medDIVERSA and CORCLIM projects. Both projects had the focus on the study of the biodiversity in the Mediterranean coralligenous communities and their response to global change across large spatial and mid to long-term temporal scales. Then she joined the project “Conservation and restoration of the threatened species populations of Cystoseria’s genus”, from which raised of her thesis project.