Marta Muñoz

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Dr. Marta Muñoz Frigola is professor at the Dpt. of Environmental Sciences of the University of Girona and researcher of the Marine Resources and Biodiversity Research Group of the Institute of Aquatic Ecology of the same university. Her lines of research have primarily been related to marine fish reproductive biology and its relationship to several factors as fisheries, marine protected areas, fish condition, parasitism or environmental change. She has published around 40 papers in scientific peer-reviewed journals and some book chapters, and also leaded or worked in several research projects dealing with these topics. She has recently co-directed a doctoral thesis on the effect of parasitism on the condition and reproduction of three commercial species (D. Ferrer 2016) and another on the impact of climate change on the thermophilic species (H. Villegas 2015). She previously directed a doctoral thesis on the reproductive strategy of Helicolenus dactylopterus (S. Vila, 2010) that obtained the Extraordinary Doctorate Award (UdG 2011), and another on the reproductive biology of the Scorpaenidae family (M. Sàbat, 2005). Currently co-directs a doctoral thesis on the effects of global change on the condition and reproduction of marine fish from cold waters of the northwestern Mediterranean (A. Serrat).

From the educational point of view, Dra. Marta Muñoz teaches at the University of Girona in the grades of Biology and Environmental Sciences, as well as in the Master of Environmental Change: Analysis and Management, in which she has also been coordinator. In addition to the doctoral theses mentioned above, she has supervised several Master's and Final Degree Research Projects; and she has been member of 12 doctoral thesis tribunals.


Recent selected publications:

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