Nuria Viladrich

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The research developed by Dr. Núria Viladrich focuses on coral and gorgonians’ reproduction and energetics, primarily about their relationship with species resilience and resistance to natural and human induced impacts. This research is developed following a multidisciplinary approach combining field work, experimental studies and laboratory analysis, as the beset way to achieve an understanding of the complex ecological phenomena. In this sense, her research encompasses the study of the reproductive processes of coral and gorgonian species, their larval ecology, nutritional condition (biochemical characterization), trophic ecology (fatty acids and stable isotopes), ecophysiology (respiration, excretion and calcification) and the viability of the ecological restoration of their populations.

Selected publications:

Viladrich N, Bramanti L, Tsounis G, Martinez A, Rossi S (2017) Variation of lipid and free fatty acid contents during larval release in two temperate octocorals according to their trophic strategy. Marine Ecology Progress Series 573:117–128

Viladrich N, Bramanti L, Tsounis G, Chocarro B, Martinez A, Ambroso S, Madurell T, Rossi S (2016) Variation in lipid and free fatty acid content during spawning in two temperate octocorals with different reproductive strategies: surface versus internal brooder. Coral Reefs 35:1033–1045

Viladrich N, Gori A, Gili JM (2016) Fast growth rates in young colonies of the Mediterranean gorgonian Eunicella singularis. Marine Biodiversity doi:10.1007/s12526-016-0554-6

Teixidó N, Bensoussan N, Gori A, Fiorillo I, Viladrich N (2016) Sexual reproduction and early life‐history traits of the Mediterranean soft coral Alcyonium acaule. Marine Ecology 37:134–144

Martínez-Quintana A, Bramanti L, Viladrich N, Rossi S, Guizien K (2015) Quantification of larval traits driving connectivity: the case of Corallium rubrum (L. 1758). Marine Biology 162:309–318

Gori A, Viladrich N, Gili JM, Kotta M, Cucio C, Magni L, Rossi S (2012) Reproductive cycle and trophic ecology in deep versus shallow populations of the Mediterranean gorgonian Eunicella singularis (Cap de Creus, north-western Mediterranean Sea). Coral Reefs 31:823–837