What Biological models?

The main objective of MedRecover is to contribute to the conservation of rocky coastal ecosystems, by focusing on the main Mediterranean benthic species and communities.

In particular, we research on photophilic and sciaphilic algal communities and coraligenous communities, which are experiencing the same problems, despite their differences: an increase in the number of disturbances related to human activities. For conservation purposes, it is essential to understand how these communities function and to assess the main impacts on them. Given the complexity of carrying out studies at community level, our research also focuses on the study of model species, which are of key importance from an ecological and heritage point of view. These serve as models that are used to explore the effect of disturbances and changes at community level.

We have chosen gorgonians, Cladocora caespitosa coral and Cystoseira spp. as model species, as they are considered as engineering species that provide structure and biomass to communities, and thus foster high biological diversity. Due to their commercial interest and their susceptibility to overfishing, fish, lobsters and urchins are also of interest to us. As they are key elements in the food web, the study of their populations is essential to understand the functioning and changes in ecosystems.